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World of Warcraft Guild for NMC Members

I know you’re out there. NMC members who play World of Warcraft. It’s time to step forward and admit it. I’m not talking twelve steps here — who wants to quit, right? — I’m talking guild runs, Strat and Scholo and UBRS. You know you want to!

Okay, first we’ll have to get to sixty, but that’s doable. Look for Ninmah on Runetotem (Alliance side) where I will be slowly building up the 10g guild startup fee. My main is on Khadgar, which is one of the closed realms, but I’m willing to start from scratch for a good cause.

Post your name here and I’ll keep an eye out for you. We can’t start the guild until we have ten, and so far we have two (I’m holding you to your word, Bryan, dialup or no). Roll call! Who’s in?

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