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Bandelier video

Bandelier national monumentThe short story video I created about our visit to Bandelier is up on YouTube. The astute observer will notice that I left out the bit where I sprained my ankle.


  1. Nicely done! I like the rhythm of the images, and your wondering tone.

  2. Gardner says:

    I agree with Bryan, and would add that for me the final question is the crucial question. A lovely ending.

  3. mark says:


    Nice piece on bandelier, a very sacred spot, imo.

    Noticed you’re going to san antonio in apr. Be sure to do the “mission” haj — leaving downtown and working your way along each of those gorgeous old missions.

    Also: McNay museum is a cool little art museum.

    And if you want a nice scenic day trip in the car w/a pretty little hike at the end, see “Lost Maples State Park” near Vanderpool. [it’s nice to see the countryside after the big, bustling city of san antone]

    Best of luck,
    Mark – non-touristy travel ‘expert’
    ft worth tx