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hot metal love

Steel SunflowerI happened across this lovely example of blacksmithing as art (courtesy of Make). The movie is about seven minutes long but it’s a very entertaining seven minutes, especially if you are into shaping hot metal. Now to check eBay for one of those water cutters…


  1. Gardner says:

    Ah, my prior comment on this post perished in the move!

    Great new look here, by the way. I’d forgotten about the be top level domain (if in fact I ever knew about it). Nice domain!

  2. ninmah says:

    Sorry about that, Gardner :-( I forgot to turn off comments over there when I moved over here. It’s a great comment, too. It’ll be enshrined on the old blog, and look at it this way: you had the last word on ;-)

  3. Gardner says:

    And what a last word it was, eh? (I’m saying “eh?” a lot more now that I’ve migrated north, albeit temporarily.) :)

    Bring on that HML!