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Bedrock wines

aren't they lovely!

aren’t they lovely! by Rachel Smith
posted 24 Feb ’09, 2.59pm PST PST on flickr

My first order from Bedrock Wine Co., and their first shipment. I can’t wait to try these. I am especially hopeful about the Rebecca Pinot Noir.

The story behind these goes back to when we first moved to Sonoma county. I can’t remember where I first encountered the Ravenswood wines, but I fell in love with them and had to visit the winery. I think that was my first experience buying a case of wine.

These wines were crafted by the son of the owner at Ravenswood, Morgan Twain-Peterson, who started making wine at the age of five. I feel that it’s not right to keep linking Bedrock and Ravenswood, as I’m sure Bedrock will stand on its own. I’ll let you know after I taste.

One other little tidbit possibly of interest to no one other than myself: After I placed the order for these, which was at the earliest possible moment after learning of their release, I got a lovely handwritten note from Morgan letting me know mine had been the very first order. How nice!


  1. Bill Seefeldt says:

    So, have you tasted the Bedrock wines yet? I would be interested in your tasting comments when you do.
    Enjoy and regards,
    Bill Seefeldt

  2. ninmah says:

    Hi Bill,

    I did — I should post about it! They are delightful. I also went to pick up a shipment at the winery, where I met Morgan and was treated to a barrel tasting of some wines in progress — there was a syrah that knocked my socks off, even in the barrel; I think it was released this fall — as well as some finished wines that I hadn’t tried. Bedrock has a rose that is just lovely (and I don’t usually care for rose). I definitely also recommend the Rebecca’s pinot and the Bedrock Heirlooms (there are two, both delicious).