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my email is making me cry

I feel so betrayed. My inbox, once a stable, reliable place, has become a chaotic, shifting world of violent upheaval, much as I imagine a newly-forming planet or the inside of a volcano to be. Email that I KNOW I have read and left in my inbox vanishes. Email that I have read and filed reappears. Deleted messages don’t delete, and others spontaneously do delete themselves, sometimes while I am reading them. I just glanced at my inbox count, which was 34 earlier this morning, and it said 43589283445 messages. I can SEE that there are 34. I quit Mail and restarted it. In nightmarish Groundhog-day fashion, all the mail that I already worked through this morning is back in my inbox, unread and unfiled. Are the messages that I wrote earlier today even going out? Who knows.

My strategy so far — pretend it isn’t happening, quit and restart Mail — isn’t working. I may have to resort to drastic measures. The problem is, I don’t have TIME right now. I’m on deadline for something else and can’t sink a couple hours into a solution that may work or may make things worse or may have no effect.

I’m using Gmail but I check it using the default Mail program on the Mac. So far I have one lead but have been too shy to try it.

It does make me reflect on my dependence on technology. So much of my information is bound up in my email: things I have done, things I need to do, things I need to know. If I can’t rely on that, where am I? I don’t want to go back to post-it notes!

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  1. Vidya A. says:

    I’m having the opposite problem. I’m at the point where I want sub-labels for my labels in Gmail, and I use Gmail’s interface exclusively. In fact, I was contemplating switching to Mail when your tweet came in! A cautionary note from the Universe? ;-) Not sure I have any helpful suggestions for you though, but tons of empathy coming your way!