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Prezi, all grown up

My inbox this morning contained a message from the creators of Prezi, the “zooming presentation editor,” saying that Prezi is out of beta and just about to go public. Yay! I went back to my previously created Prezi about the 2009 Horizon Report to see if the download is working, and indeed it is! I have saved it and browsed it on my own computer. How very wonderful!

From the Prezi release announcement:

Prezi changes the way you think about presentations. It lets you arrange your ideas and images on a large canvas, where you can zoom around to show details and overview. And it is still very simple to use.

After a year in intensive private beta development, Prezi is going public on April 5. Please visit and start to convince, amaze and take the day.

I’m still planning to try Prezi with some of the charts from my visual facilitation. Those should be very easy to set up, since I’ll just pop the cleaned-up chart graphic in there and then set a zooming path.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the Prezi team for creating — and releasing — such a clever little tool. I wish I could be at the release party, but alas, I will not be in Budapest anytime soon.

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