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postcards back through time

Although I have only been blogging for three years, I have had a bloglike hobby for a lot longer. In 1996, an artist friend created an online postcard, and I liked the idea so I wrote one to her. I had recently read the Griffin & Sabine books, so a lot of my cards have a surreal theme, and most are written to imaginary people. My goal was to do one a month, but I was about as effective at that as I am at regular blog posts, so the postcards happened intermittently.

Until now they’ve been housed on a static web page on my old domain. I’ve wanted to get them moved over here to for a while, but I had grander dreams than my own poor css skills could support. Lucky for me, I have a colleague who likes a challenge and can make WordPress do incredible and amazing things. I showed the old page to Alan Levine and explained what I wanted, gave him a key to the door here at, and stepped out of the way. I’ll let him explain what all he did — but I love the results!

All my postcards dating back to the very first one (August 1996) are now collected on their very own page, and other blog pages have random sidebar thumbnails. It’s easy to add new postcards (I’m still making them from time to time) and easy to see the old ones.

My latest cards take advantage of Creative Commons-licensed work on Flickr — a wonderful source of inspiration and modifiable art. Older ones use my own photos and illustrations, and the occasional borrowed or stolen image (whups! I know better now). The next one’s in the works as I write this.

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