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loving my TuneBand

iPhone in the TuneBand

iPhone in the TuneBand

I’m still happy as a clam with my new shoes, iPhone, and Nike+ combo, and now I have even more to be happy about. After extensive research on Amazon, I selected the TuneBand for iPhone (from Grantwood Technology) as my armband of choice. It wasn’t the most expensive, and it didn’t have the most features — some of them have key pockets, places to store your headset, and so on. But I just tie my housekey to my shoelace, and I don’t usually need much more than that unless I’m in a hotel and need my room key. I liked the look of it, and its simplicity, and the customer reviews were positive. So I picked TuneBand.

I’m really glad I did. The company really took care of me — they emailed to acknowledge that I had placed the order, and to confirm my order and shipping address, and they emailed when the order was shipped. It arrived quickly and worked perfectly. The iPhone was a little floppy in the case, but it’s a pretty big phone to wear on a smallish arm like mine, and it wasn’t *that* floppy. Overall I was very pleased with it. So when I got the little reminder from Amazon about leaving seller feedback, I felt that a company that cared enough to double-check my order and address deserved a little love, and I left them a good review.

I was surprised a few days later to get an email note from one of the owners thanking me for my feedback. Not only that, but he mentioned that Grantwood has developed a newer version of the TuneBand for iPhone, especially for the 3G and 3GS (I have the 3GS). And he offered to send me one to try out, in exchange for a little feedback. I was so tickled! How cool is that? So, by way of holding up my end of the bargain, here’s what I think of the new TuneBand for iPhone 3G and 3GS.

old TuneBand on the left, new on the right

old TuneBand on the left, new on the right

The strap. The older one had a thinner, softer strap (it’s on the left in the photo). When I first picked up the new one, the stiffer strap concerned me a little since one of the things I really liked about the older one was its softness. Turns out this isn’t a problem, though, as the new strap is still soft enough not to hurt my arm. The thicker strap holds the phone more securely and it doesn’t wobble at all now, which is really nice. It wasn’t that bothersome before, but now it’s just rock steady.

The case. The case is not very different. It’s made of the same material as the other one, a soft silicone that cushions the phone and keeps it dry even when I’m sweaty. The opening at the top of the phone is a little different in the new one and it’s easier to get the phone in and out of the case, which works for me since I have a different case that I use when I’m not exercising.

The fastener. The velcro fastener at the end of the strap is very strong and secure. It doesn’t loosen as I run, so once I have it in place it stays put. The only issue I have with the new case is that the corners of the end of the strap are a little rougher than the older strap and they dig into my arm when my arm brushes against my side as it swings. I have a theory that tapering the end of the strap would solve this problem. It’s also possible that using a shorter strap would solve it, since then the end of the strap would fall to the outside of my arm rather than right on the underside as it does now. Oh, and when I mentioned that in my feedback to Grantwood today, they put a shorter strap in the mail for me to try. Holy cow, I love these people.

The conclusion. I’ve tried a couple other armbands that people have loaned me, and I really prefer the TuneBand. It’s light and soft and doesn’t get in my way when I’m running. The price is incredibly reasonable and Grantwood’s customer service is out of this world. If you’re in the market, I recommend trying the TuneBand — there’s a version for whatever device you carry when you run. Go get one. Oh, and they also make those really cool envelopes for the MacBook Air, which I would totally get if I had an Air.

While writing this post, by the way, I came upon the product page for Grantwood’s RunWallet. Hmm. Fits on the same band as my iPhone holder, you say? Holds keys and ID… hotel key cards… hmm… I think I just might have to get one of those.

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  1. Joe says:

    Nice review, I think I will try this one out. Thank you!