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getting ready for the holidays… and sleep

The presents aren’t wrapped. Some of them aren’t even finished (yup, it’s a hand-made gift year). The decorations are up, at least, so that’s something, and I put a smattering of holiday cards in the mail this morning. I haven’t got the grocery shopping squared away for Christmas dinner, I have no planning horizon beyond tomorrow evening when my mom arrives, and I feel wholly unprepared.

Except for the Sleep Plan. I’m going to sleep, and oh, it’s going to be nice. I have even prepared a handy chart to hang on my door in case there is any confusion in the house about whether I want to be up for breakfast or anything. I playtested it with my nine-year-old, and he agrees that it’s pretty airtight:

wake-up chart

handy chart for deciding whether to wake me or not

Any questions? See you in January — I’m hibernating!

One Comment

  1. That’s a great flowchart. My family approves.
    Now sleep!