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vote for my SXSW panel!

The inimitable Fred Lakin has proposed a panel for SXSW 2011 on “live visual blogging,” which is pretty much what it sounds like: live blogging, but with pictures. I’m one of the panelists, along with really amazing folks like David Sibbet (@davidsibbet), Sunni Brown (@sunnibrown), Dave Gray (@davegray), and of course Fred (@fredlakin, who needs to tweet more). If the panel is accepted, each of us will not only describe but demonstrate our favorite method of live visual blogging. Yup, I’ll be up there with my iPad, doing my thing, right there at SXSW!

…IF the panel is selected. As you know if you are a SXSW veteran, the community has a 30% say in the selection of panels. All you have to do to vote is create an account on SXSW’s PanelPicker, which right there gets you some solid geek cred, and then you can vote for mine or any other panel that you like, whether or not you’re able to go to the conference. (If you can’t go, pick the ones you want to read about afterward, ’cause they will be all over the blogosphere.)

Oh oh oh AND there’s this neat little tool that links your Twitter account to your panel choices. Check it out! It’s called FriendsPanels, and it lets you tag panels you’re on as well as panels you like. It doesn’t automatically “like” panels you vote on (yay), so your votes are still cast in confidence, but you can specifically “like” a panel if you want to call attention to it. Nifty!

Um, what are you still doing here? Go vote for my panel! (Please.)


  1. eris says:

    OK, I voted, but I really don’t know anything about SXSW and suspect that I am insufficiently geeky to appreciate the event.

  2. ninmah says:

    Ohh, YOU would love SXSW! There’s a music and a film theme as well as the tech one. More interesting people than you can shake a stick at. It’s an amazing experience.

    Thanks for the vote!