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About a week ago, I stayed up way too late creating a new set of business cards. Actually, that’s not a good name for them, because they’re more about my interests than about business, even though my interests and business overlap. Always nice when that happens. So I think of them as contact cards.

Closeup of the iPad Notes card

I made 10 different designs using 10 photos of my work, or of me doing something. I also listed my interests down one side of the front, and highlighted in bold the one that relates to the picture on that particular card. So if I meet someone who is interested in visual practice, I can give them a card about visual practice. If I meet a quilter, I can give them my quilting card. Yay!

The back of the card has pertinent contact details, of course, but I also added a photo of myself. Maybe it’s just me, but I often get home from a conference with a stack of cards from wonderful people I met, but when I go through the cards (usually a few weeks later) I can’t remember who was who. The photo is to help other people not have that problem. And ooh! It’s the same photo I use for all my social networking sites, so folks know when they find me that it’s really me. The back is the same on every card.

I designed all the cards, front and back, in Illustrator, using the template that Moo so thoughtfully provides so as not to lose any text off the edge. Their guidelines were also extremely helpful when it came to choosing a file size and format. I wasn’t sure how the text would come out, so I only ordered a few, but I LOVE the cards and I’ll definitely re-order. They make that really easy too. Yay Moo!

New Moo Cards!
all the cards

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  1. ninmah says:

    I forgot to mention that I opted for the green paper choice with this set. It’s very nice! It’s sturdy and thick, and has a very satisfying tooth, although it’s still quite smooth. It doesn’t feel silky like the usual cards; it feels like heavy paper stock. The printing is crisp and clean. I could have lightened up some of the photos, and I might do that before reprinting, but they printed very true to what I expected.