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a paintbrush for the iPad!

Just a quick little Friday note to share a neat tool that I’ve started using recently: the Nomad Brush for the iPad. My friend Keene saw it first and told me about it, and naturally I had to check it out. My initial review is that it’s very cool for painting and drawing. I still prefer my fingertip for visual recording, but the Nomad brush has a more natural feel than the Pogo Sketch stylus for doing softer, more painterly work. The bristles are very soft and flexible and it looks just like a real paintbrush. I have to be careful not to mix it with my regular ones!

Here’s a terrible picture of me making squiggly lines so that you can see the bristles fan out:

drawing (well, markmaking) with the Nomad Brush

Click the photo for a closer view of the bristles. Neat, eh?

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  1. cogdog says:

    Neat! Never knew you could paint on an iPad.