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Back in February, my dear friend Fred Lakin gave me a delightful “job warming gift” to celebrate my new post at The Grove: he registered the domain in my name. Wasn’t that sweet? Then I was so busy settling in that I didn’t get it set up… until this week.

Since I’m barely managing to keep one blog alive, I didn’t think it would be wise to try to manage two. Instead, I created a Posterous account to collect bits and pieces about using digital tools in visual practice. Then I pointed to my Posterous page.

You did what now?
Posterous is a neat little tool that makes it really easy to collect information from different places and gather it all together. Images, short posts, long posts, videos, things I make, things other people made that I like — I can fling all of it at Posterous, in lots of different ways, and it all gets posted. It’s sort of like a patchwork blog.

I can write an email and send it to a certain address at Posterous, and it becomes a post on my page because it came from my email address. I can upload images and other media from my Posterous dashboard. I can post from my phone, from Twitter, or by clicking a button in my web browser to create a post that links to the page I’m looking at. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

And this is related to your new domain how?
My new domain was empty except for a placeholder page that Fred put there for me. Rather than set up a new blog or website, ’cause who has that kind of time, I went into the settings on my hosting service and pointed the domain at my Posterous page. (Actually, first I tried to do this from the Posterous side, but since I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing it went into a kind of infinite loop where they were forwarding to each other forever. Bummer.)

Now when you go to, it really loads, although it looks like you’re on But if you check the permalink for any post, you’ll see it’s really Posterous.

What’ll be on
I’m planning to collect stuff related to digital visual facilitation over there, and keep posting actual blog posts over here. We’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, thanks, Fred!


  1. Ellen says:

    Rachel, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thank for for sharing. I facilitate meetings and have been keenly interested on how to make virtual meetings better through graphic recording. What you are doing is really creative, fun and meaningful – this is an exciting new era for graphic recording and making virtual meetings interactive.

  2. ninmah says:

    Thanks for your comment, Ellen! I’m glad you are finding my blog useful. Are you a visual practitioner yourself, or do you sometimes team up with one? And are you finding there’s a lot of call for virtual meetings in optimal-performance consulting, or is it mainly face-to-face? I think there are a lot of opportunities to make virtual meetings more interesting and engaging… visual practice is just one of them.