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what I did with silk

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted a new duvet cover. A silk one. A blue silk dupioni one, to be specific. Then I priced them out. Holy cow! Not only could I not find anything in blue, everything I did find was $300-$600 (and up) for a king-size duvet cover with four pillowcases. I thought, “Shoot, I could make one myself for less than that!”

Because, you know, I like to do things the easy way.

The first challenge was finding silk dupioni yardage that would price out cheaper than buying a finished cover. Enter my new buddy, Silk Baron! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Silk Baron. Their prices are significantly lower than anything else I found (and trust me, I looked), their service is prompt, their silk is of excellent quality, and the colors! More blues than you can shake a stick at. I ordered ten swatches. I think they have other colors, too, that are not blue. (I was a woman on a mission.)

The second challenge was narrowing my choices down to two swatches. I wanted a reversible cover, two shades of blue. Tough choice, but in the end I selected Vineyard Haven and Curacao. Silk Baron (who are so hip they even have a Facebook page) got my yardage here in record time. Yay!

I used Brett Bara’s excellent instructions on Design Sponge to sew the duvet cover. Her tips for sewing French seams were especially helpful, because dupioni frays like you would not believe. Every seam had to be finished or it would have fretted itself to pieces in a week, I’m sure of it. I made two pillow cases from each color, too.

photo of the finished bedding

Doesn't it look lovely?

In the photo, the top color is Vineyard Haven, and the lighter blue is Curacao. You can see the second duvet (covered in a white Ikea cover) underneath the one covered in the silk. I love how it turned out. It’s like waking up in the Caribbean every day. Marvelous!


  1. pumpkin says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

    It does look like fraying craziness…

  2. ninmah says:

    Thanks, Pumpkin! It wasn’t very difficult, really. I just had to keep trimming the threads as they frayed off, because they caught on everything and unraveled even more. It was a relief when all the seams were neatly finished.

  3. Harriet says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors (and the challenge!)