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The hearts of #quilttalk

While unpacking a box last weekend I came across a note listing the blocks in my heart quilt and the names and nicks of the women who made them. What a delight! Now I can personally thank the following people (I’m only listing nicks, not real names, for privacy’s sake):

  • Demary for the hearts and flowers block;
  • luburo for the 9 patch & heart block;
  • leeal for the red harlequin block;
  • babalooo for the pink four-piece heart;
  • cherlyQ for the 4 hearts block;
  • allie for the green patches block;
  • debbi2quilts for the block with the red background;
  • Qtree for the green block set in a square;
  • quiltleonfish for one all-green heart;
  • dihardqltr for one green heart AND the floral and solid stripe;
  • Bzy1 for the light blue heart block;
  • Sissy2 for the heart block with button detail;
  • heart for the shades of pink block; and
  • janna4 for the green/brown block AND the light and dark blue block.

The other blocks are either made by me, or in three cases, made by someone whose nick I didn’t record.

Thank you all!

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