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Ninmah Meets World is about the intersection of my online identity (Ninmah), my offline identity (rss), and the rest of the world. Sometimes it’s not pretty. As a good friend of mine says, sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.

About Me
By day I’m a Senior Consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in visual practice and team development. Part of my time is spent coming up with ways to integrate technology into visual practice, testing my crazy ideas, and teaching other people how to do the ones that seem to work. Another chunk of my time is spent doing visual facilitation or recording, both in-person and virtually, for a wide variety of events and meetings. It’s pretty neat, actually: I used to doodle in high school and get in trouble. Now I doodle at work and get kudos. Go figure.

Until the end of 2010, I was the Vice President, NMC Services for the New Media Consortium, an organization that is passionate about making education better through the use of emerging technologies. I directed NMC’s fee-based services, served as the lead author on NMC publications, and employed my visual facilitation skills to make NMC meetings special.

In and around that, I have a rotating series of hobbies that mostly involve taking small pieces of things and putting them together into larger things: quilting, scrapbooking, stamp collecting. You can often find me in the evenings on Khadgar in World of Warcraft, Alliance side, probably on Narila or Lyrian. More conventionally, I can be reached at ninmah at gmail dot com.

About Ninmah Meets World
I blog about gaming, learning, technology, visual practice, and assorted other tidbits.

The name Ninmah comes from Sumerian mythology. It’s been my screen name since long before most people had screen names. It’s hard to spell, but on the other hand, it’s usually available.

The postcards are an old hobby (dating back to 1996) carried over from my pre-Web 2.0 static site. Now they are all full of WordPress goodness and hosted here.

The photos in the headers are mine, from hobbies or travels or just pictures that came out well.

Looking for a More Official Bio?
Rachel S. Smith is Senior Consultant and Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based consultancy and publisher that offers services and tools to help organizations, teams, and individuals successfully envision and implement change. A specialist in project coordination and user interface design, Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice, including digital products and services for The Grove’s clients. She is a skilled visual facilitator and works with groups both online and in person. She is recognized for her work in making new technologies approachable through talks, trainings, and written materials and has authored instructional materials, guides, and monographs on the creative and technical aspects of teaching with technology. She blogs at