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Yay for!

About a week ago, I stayed up way too late creating a new set of business cards. Actually, that’s not a good name for them, because they’re more about my interests than about business, even though my interests and business overlap. Always nice when that happens. So I think of them as contact cards. I […]

visiting Adobe

I have to start this off with a little disclaimer: I’m an Adobe fan-girl from way back. I mean way back. Like before Photoshop had layers. Adobe’s apps are robust, capable, flexible, and not buggy. I’m proud of the work I’ve done with them, and like Kathy Sierra says, to turn users into passionate fans, […]

remembering Point Lobos

At the NMC Summer Conference this year, Larry Johnson, Alan Levine and I tried something different: we actually attended a preconference session. Crazy, I know! It was a photography workshop led by Bill Frakes (Sports Illustrated) and Don Henderson (Apple), with Bill Hanson (Apple). The session was planned and organized by Larry and the three […]

turning up in strange places

The default license for my Flickr uploads is set to Creative Commons by-nc (attribution/non-commercial), which means that people are welcome to use my photos for non-commercial purposes, including creating derivative works, so long as they specify that I am the artist/owner of the original. This results in all kinds of interesting connections, including the thrill […]

postcards back through time

Although I have only been blogging for three years, I have had a bloglike hobby for a lot longer. In 1996, an artist friend created an online postcard, and I liked the idea so I wrote one to her. I had recently read the Griffin & Sabine books, so a lot of my cards have […]

fun Facebook meme

I just had to do this one (thanks for the tag, Jared!). You make an album cover using a random band name, album title, and photograph. How cool! If you want to do it too, make a new note in Facebook and paste the rules in, then create your cover and upload that. Please tag […]

hot metal love

I happened across this lovely example of blacksmithing as art (courtesy of Make). The movie is about seven minutes long but it’s a very entertaining seven minutes, especially if you are into shaping hot metal. Now to check eBay for one of those water cutters…

tiny prims

I’ve been working and playing in Second Life, and wanted to learn more about building with prims (primitives, the basic building block shapes of the virtual world), so I set myself a little project. I wanted to make some jewelry. To that end, I tried to make a gem-shaped prim and shrink it to an […]

like a religious experience for artists

is this video of Robbie Dingo creating a guitar for Suzanne Vega for her upcoming performance in Second Life. Wow.

David at SFMOMA

David and I have been exploring art lately — I was casting about for weekend classes to sign him up for, and thought that art lessons would be good, and then realized (duh) I’m a certified teacher in the subject and why shell out bucks so someone else can have the fun? This is why […]