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what I did with silk

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted a new duvet cover. A silk one. A blue silk dupioni one, to be specific. Then I priced them out. Holy cow! Not only could I not find anything in blue, everything I did find was $300-$600 (and up) for a king-size duvet cover with four […]


Back in February, my dear friend Fred Lakin gave me a delightful “job warming gift” to celebrate my new post at The Grove: he registered the domain in my name. Wasn’t that sweet? Then I was so busy settling in that I didn’t get it set up… until this week. Since I’m barely managing […]

heart quilt finished!

I finished a project! A big one, too. I began this heart quilt in February 2010, and I finished it in February of this year. Then I waited a while before taking pictures and posting about it. You don’t want to rush these things. The quilt’s history is a lot older than that, though. The […]

iPad as a touchscreen interface for your computer

Yesterday, I did something really wild. My usual computer setup is my laptop with a larger external monitor as a second screen. Yesterday, I added a third monitor to my setup: my iPad. I dragged some application windows onto each of the three monitors. Whoa. I also set them up to mirror each other. Then […]

omg omg omg Xobni and Gmail!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the private, very secret alpha of Xobni for Gmail. I used to use Xobni for Outlook, but ever since I switched to Gmail I have been sadly Xobni-less. (Never heard of Xobni? Learn more about it, and about my fortunately unfounded fears that the company would […]

a paintbrush for the iPad!

Just a quick little Friday note to share a neat tool that I’ve started using recently: the Nomad Brush for the iPad. My friend Keene saw it first and told me about it, and naturally I had to check it out. My initial review is that it’s very cool for painting and drawing. I still […]

new directions

I’m thrilled to announce that this month I began working at The Grove Consultants International (a.k.a. the mothership of visual practice as I know it)! It was one of those moments when a number of different things seem to converge suddenly and then wham! You’re facing in a new direction, seeing new roads in front […]

AirSketch with Zoom

AirSketch, the iPad drawing app that lets people open a page in their web browser to see what you’re drawing as you draw it, has added zoom to the app! This makes it easier to do fine lines and smaller writing. It’s still not perfect; the text is a little fuzzy, and it doesn’t seem […]

vote for my SXSW panel!

The inimitable Fred Lakin has proposed a panel for SXSW 2011 on “live visual blogging,” which is pretty much what it sounds like: live blogging, but with pictures. I’m one of the panelists, along with really amazing folks like David Sibbet (@davidsibbet), Sunni Brown (@sunnibrown), Dave Gray (@davegray), and of course Fred (@fredlakin, who needs […]

auctioning my time has a neat idea: you pick something you like to do, or something you want to sell, and you auction it through their website. The proceeds go to the cause, organization, or charity of your choice. There’s a tiny little listing fee, like a couple of dollars. You get to contribute something other than […]