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postcard: becky

June 2009lyrics, Enya

Isn’t it cute!

NMC Flip Mino HD by Rachel Smith posted 21 May ’09, 1.58pm PDT PST on flickr All ready for the Summer Conference – the official NMC 2009 logo on a cute little video recorder! Got gadget envy? Get one like it at the NMC 2009 Shop on CafePress. As part of an effort to be […]

postcards back through time

Although I have only been blogging for three years, I have had a bloglike hobby for a lot longer. In 1996, an artist friend created an online postcard, and I liked the idea so I wrote one to her. I had recently read the Griffin & Sabine books, so a lot of my cards have […]

Prezi, all grown up

My inbox this morning contained a message from the creators of Prezi, the “zooming presentation editor,” saying that Prezi is out of beta and just about to go public. Yay! I went back to my previously created Prezi about the 2009 Horizon Report to see if the download is working, and indeed it is! I […]

lolcats + code = hawt

Two great tastes that taste great together: LOLCODE! Just look at this lovely little thing: HAI CAN HAS STDIO? VISIBLE “HAI WORLD” KTHXBYE It just doesn’t get any more poetic than that.

I <3 Prezi

Keynotes. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the ed tech speaker. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new presentation tools; to seek out new ways to keep her audiences awake; to boldly go where no PowerPoint has gone before. I just finished putting together the presentation on the 2009 Horizon Report that I […]

run, don’t walk, to your nearest web browser

… and download Xobni. It’s out of beta! When I launched Outlook this morning, there was Xobni with a shiny new look. A little bit later, the email from Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina arrived: “Today is an exciting day for Xobni. After seven months of invite-only beta, we’re proud to announce that Xobni is now […]

only the good die young

Microsoft is trying to buy Xobni. Xobni is a fabulous little tool that works with Microsoft Outlook. In fact, I’d phrase it differently. Xobni is a fabulous little tool that makes Microsoft Outlook work. You know that useless search that churns and churns and doesn’t turn up anything remotely useful in the first fifteen minutes? […]

hot metal love

I happened across this lovely example of blacksmithing as art (courtesy of Make). The movie is about seven minutes long but it’s a very entertaining seven minutes, especially if you are into shaping hot metal. Now to check eBay for one of those water cutters…

okay, but I’m not calling it third life

This post started out as a comment to Bryan Alexander’s post, “Towards Third Life,” but it got way long so it’s here instead. I recommend reading his post, and the comments there, before you read this one. Holy cow, what a great conversation. I’ll just leap right in the middle, shall I? As Mike points […]