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party like it’s 1993

Raise your hand if you remember the web in 1993-94. Did you know anybody with a web page? If you did, was it bug-ugly? Based on a flat text file? Full of large irrelevant photos? Rings a bell, doesn’t it. The web had been around for a while by then, but it wasn’t in popular […]

okay, but I’m not calling it third life

This post started out as a comment to Bryan Alexander’s post, “Towards Third Life,” but it got way long so it’s here instead. I recommend reading his post, and the comments there, before you read this one. Holy cow, what a great conversation. I’ll just leap right in the middle, shall I? As Mike points […]

tiny prims

I’ve been working and playing in Second Life, and wanted to learn more about building with prims (primitives, the basic building block shapes of the virtual world), so I set myself a little project. I wanted to make some jewelry. To that end, I tried to make a gem-shaped prim and shrink it to an […]

like a religious experience for artists

is this video of Robbie Dingo creating a guitar for Suzanne Vega for her upcoming performance in Second Life. Wow.

worlds collide

The BBC has an island: And the RL (that's "real life") conference BarCamp now has a SL analog; here's a write-up on Laughing Squid: Granted, BarCamp's pretty geeky to begin with. But the BBC? A delightful surprise.

NMC Campus in the New York Times!

Well, the article's about Electric Sheep, but NMC Campus (our Second Life space) is mentioned and there's even a picture on C|Net.

I want a whiteboard in Second Life.

The NMC's island in Second Life, NMC Campus, is nearly finished. It's being built by Electric Sheep, who do absolutely fantastic work, and it's as pleasant and inspiring a space as you could want. One of the buildings in particular would be amazing to actually walk through in the physical world. But the really neat […]