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The hearts of #quilttalk

While unpacking a box last weekend I came across a note listing the blocks in my heart quilt and the names and nicks of the women who made them. What a delight! Now I can personally thank the following people (I’m only listing nicks, not real names, for privacy’s sake): Demary for the hearts and […]

a paintbrush for the iPad!

Just a quick little Friday note to share a neat tool that I’ve started using recently: the Nomad Brush for the iPad. My friend Keene saw it first and told me about it, and naturally I had to check it out. My initial review is that it’s very cool for painting and drawing. I still […]

Yay for!

About a week ago, I stayed up way too late creating a new set of business cards. Actually, that’s not a good name for them, because they’re more about my interests than about business, even though my interests and business overlap. Always nice when that happens. So I think of them as contact cards. I […]

fun Facebook meme

I just had to do this one (thanks for the tag, Jared!). You make an album cover using a random band name, album title, and photograph. How cool! If you want to do it too, make a new note in Facebook and paste the rules in, then create your cover and upload that. Please tag […]

hot metal love

I happened across this lovely example of blacksmithing as art (courtesy of Make). The movie is about seven minutes long but it’s a very entertaining seven minutes, especially if you are into shaping hot metal. Now to check eBay for one of those water cutters…

dragon pumpkin

My pumpkin this year features a Chinese dragon. As I was carving it I got some ideas for how to do it better next time (naturally) so I might do a similar one next year, but with more detail.

like a religious experience for artists

is this video of Robbie Dingo creating a guitar for Suzanne Vega for her upcoming performance in Second Life. Wow.

David at SFMOMA

David and I have been exploring art lately — I was casting about for weekend classes to sign him up for, and thought that art lessons would be good, and then realized (duh) I’m a certified teacher in the subject and why shell out bucks so someone else can have the fun? This is why […]