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omg omg omg Xobni and Gmail!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the private, very secret alpha of Xobni for Gmail. I used to use Xobni for Outlook, but ever since I switched to Gmail I have been sadly Xobni-less. (Never heard of Xobni? Learn more about it, and about my fortunately unfounded fears that the company would […]

my email is making me cry

I feel so betrayed. My inbox, once a stable, reliable place, has become a chaotic, shifting world of violent upheaval, much as I imagine a newly-forming planet or the inside of a volcano to be. Email that I KNOW I have read and left in my inbox vanishes. Email that I have read and filed […]

email inflection tags

Ever notice that it’s really easy to misinterpret someone’s intended tone of voice when you are reading an email from them? Your friend writes “Hey, haven’t seen you in a while, everything OK?” and you imagine it to be delivered in a miffed, snippy, guess-you-don’t-like-me-anymore tone when she actually meant to sound interested, concerned and […]

the great email move

As some are aware from my ecstatic tweeting on the topic, I have switched this week from my PC laptop to a new MacBook Pro as my primary work machine. It’s been about five years since I used a Macintosh as my primary machine and I am, well, falling in love all over again. I […]