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thoughts on the changing role of the teacher

There’s a different way to teach, one that involves mentoring and guiding and not lecturing, a way that’s both harder and easier than the ways it’s often done now. This is a concept that has been recurring in my research over the past few years, getting a little clearer each time but still not quite […]

one from the cutting room floor

It’s one of my favorite times of year: the last few days before the official release of the 2010 Horizon Report. The writing is done, the excitement is building (okay, that’s probably mostly happening in my head), and I have actually seen it in layout. The cover’s lovely this year, by the way. You have […]

shorten those URLs, please

<rant> It’s so handy the way blogging software just creates a unique URL for you. You don’t have to lift a finger! But I’m here with a plea to all bloggers to take a moment, when you post, to create shorter URLs. I’m prompted to make this plea because at the moment I’m working on […]

I <3 Prezi

Keynotes. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the ed tech speaker. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new presentation tools; to seek out new ways to keep her audiences awake; to boldly go where no PowerPoint has gone before. I just finished putting together the presentation on the 2009 Horizon Report that I […]

there are more things in heaven and earth

I’m deep in research and writing for the Horizon Report, and I am, as always, humbled and amazed by the sheer quantity of stuff that there is in the world, and the sheer number of other people who know a lot about any given bit of it. There are 12 topics on the Short List, […]