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happy towel day

Today is Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams. Do you know where your towel is? As a miserable high school student in the late 1980s, I memorized the HHGG series. I built an electronic thumb, with some help from my dad and a bunch of spare computer parts. I desperately hoped I could hitch […]

fun Facebook meme

I just had to do this one (thanks for the tag, Jared!). You make an album cover using a random band name, album title, and photograph. How cool! If you want to do it too, make a new note in Facebook and paste the rules in, then create your cover and upload that. Please tag […]

Five Things, or Late to the Party But Hey There’s Still Beer

Like Howard Rheingold, I am hooked on Twitter. I don’t update a lot, but I like to see what folks are doing (I think of it as my virtual hallway of colleagues) and I like to be helpful and answer people’s questions. The links that come across there are also usually worth following, which is […]