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postcard: becky

June 2009lyrics, Enya

no fences facing

May 2009 photo credits Reimag(in)ing a Hornby Island Sunset, ecstaticist birdcage, MaryCribben wings, CaptPiper transparent dove, cenz galaxy photo courtesy of NASA lyrics, Bob Dylan

postcards back through time

Although I have only been blogging for three years, I have had a bloglike hobby for a lot longer. In 1996, an artist friend created an online postcard, and I liked the idea so I wrote one to her. I had recently read the Griffin & Sabine books, so a lot of my cards have […]

postcard: time, tears and fire

February 2009 photo credits rain on leaf, ecstaticist fire 1, robpatrick whirl, robpatrick second roofing nail ring 4, the justified sinner

postcard: beyond the flame

February 2008 photo credits the Crab Nebula from Hubble , NASA dodecagon starburst, in progress, backlit, Eric Gjerde fire and flames (in card), Paul+Photos=Moody flame (on stamp), Henk K. excerpt from “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

postcard: squid

January 2007

postcard: this moment

December 2006

postcard: join the conversation

August 2006

postcard: the emptiness of Azeroth

August 2005

postcard: this one’s for me

February 2005