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Urgent EVOKE: Season one comes to a close

Some day I will again write a short blog post, but this is not that day. May 12 marked the official end of Urgent EVOKE Season One, and the last day to join EVOKE until Season Two opens next year. 10 weeks into the journey, I have a few reflections on the experience. What’s Urgent […]

Urgent EVOKE: Agent Ninmah is Born

This week, I became an agent in a global network of social innovators. Urgent EVOKE: A Crash Course in Saving the World opened on March 3, 2010. It’s a game, a learning experience, a training simulation, and a journey all in one. It was designed and is directed by Jane McGonigal for the World Bank […]

I met a nice tank last night

First, a little vocabulary lesson; if you play MMOGs, you can skip this bit. By “tank” I am not referring to a heavily armored vehicle, except in the metaphorical sense. In World of Warcraft and similar games, the tank is the best-armored person in the group. His or her job is to engage and hold […]

enough with the walled garden already

I am appalled by the news that a student at Ryerson University in Canada faces expulsion for organizing an online study group (linktribution to Bryan Alexander, here and here; see also the Toronto Star and CityNews for additional coverage). The premise seems to be that students used a Facebook group to post answers to homework […]

Twitter’s AWOL

It started last night. I hit “reload” to find out what everyone was doing just before I quit for the night. Nothing. Blank white page, little spinny Firefox icon. No updates. No avatars. Okay, I thought. I can cope with this. It’s late, and I can just check in the morning. No problem. Except I […]

still don’t get Twitter? try this

If you are one of those people who still don’t grok Twitter (and there are many, so don’t feel even a little bit bad about it), this may help explain it to you. Load the page, sit back in your chair, and just watch for a minute or two. If you DO get Twitter, you […]

twitter, on the other hand

… is quick and fun. Do you twitter?

that’s ten minutes I’ll never get back

Disclaimer: I’ve only spent about ten minutes using it so far, so this review is (a) uninformed and (b) very, very subjective. Let’s talk about LinkedIn. I’ve been meaning to get, er, linked in for a while now, but only actually did it this morning after reading Alan’s very appropriately titled post on the topic. […]