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Prezi, all grown up

My inbox this morning contained a message from the creators of Prezi, the “zooming presentation editor,” saying that Prezi is out of beta and just about to go public. Yay! I went back to my previously created Prezi about the 2009 Horizon Report to see if the download is working, and indeed it is! I […]

my email is making me cry

I feel so betrayed. My inbox, once a stable, reliable place, has become a chaotic, shifting world of violent upheaval, much as I imagine a newly-forming planet or the inside of a volcano to be. Email that I KNOW I have read and left in my inbox vanishes. Email that I have read and filed […]

um… what?

My mom just tipped me off to the new search engine that was released Monday (yes, I’ll admit it, my mom got the drop on me) called Cuil. Say: cool. Yeah, that’s a problem right there for those of us who don’t speak Gaelic (sorry, Dad). There’s a neat little story in the FAQ that […]

only the good die young

Microsoft is trying to buy Xobni. Xobni is a fabulous little tool that works with Microsoft Outlook. In fact, I’d phrase it differently. Xobni is a fabulous little tool that makes Microsoft Outlook work. You know that useless search that churns and churns and doesn’t turn up anything remotely useful in the first fifteen minutes? […]

16 years ago today

april fool by Rachel Smith posted 1 Apr ’08, 8.31am PDT PST on flickr 16 years ago today… I was in Libreville, Gabon, wrapping up four months as an intern with the Peace Corps. My job was to set up the computer network (Appletalk) in the main office, help the staff convert from a paper-based […]

SXSW Interactive 2008

A week ago today I was wrapping up a delightful three-day soak in the 2008 SXSW Interactive Festival… what a treat! I’m putting it on my list for next year’s professional development opportunities. Highlights for me were seeing one of my idols, Kathy Sierra, give a knockout talk that made me want to take up […]

Twitter’s AWOL

It started last night. I hit “reload” to find out what everyone was doing just before I quit for the night. Nothing. Blank white page, little spinny Firefox icon. No updates. No avatars. Okay, I thought. I can cope with this. It’s late, and I can just check in the morning. No problem. Except I […]

still don’t get Twitter? try this

If you are one of those people who still don’t grok Twitter (and there are many, so don’t feel even a little bit bad about it), this may help explain it to you. Load the page, sit back in your chair, and just watch for a minute or two. If you DO get Twitter, you […]

twitter, on the other hand

… is quick and fun. Do you twitter?