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visual recording on the iPad, illustrated

This week I’ll be giving a talk at IFVP 2010 on visual recording with the iPad. While I was preparing my notes, I discovered how easy it is to make Quicktime movies of your notes with the Brushes app, so I made a little movie. Then I got carried away narrating it and adding in […] interview

Paul Walhus of interviewed me yesterday about my experience at SXSW 2008. I love the format he used, with the video interview in one window and web pages in another, so that whenever I mentioned something he pulled it up on the web for viewers to see what I was talking about. Very cool! […]

hot metal love

I happened across this lovely example of blacksmithing as art (courtesy of Make). The movie is about seven minutes long but it’s a very entertaining seven minutes, especially if you are into shaping hot metal. Now to check eBay for one of those water cutters…

Bandelier video

The short story video I created about our visit to Bandelier is up on YouTube. The astute observer will notice that I left out the bit where I sprained my ankle.

A creative side of gaming

You might not think that playing an MMO (massively multiplayer online [game]) is a creative activity. Given that the world is heavily designed, and animations are scripted, and players can't really customize much in-game, there is a lot of truth to that. Choices for in-game creativity are limited. But many games have a vibrant fan […]