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happy towel day

Today is Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams. Do you know where your towel is? As a miserable high school student in the late 1980s, I memorized the HHGG series. I built an electronic thumb, with some help from my dad and a bunch of spare computer parts. I desperately hoped I could hitch […]

why is it so hard to write your own bio?

I’m at it again: updating the bio. I know I do a lot of work. I know a lot of it is interesting and exciting and fun (to me, anyway). So why the heck is it so hard to write it down? Even armed with tips from my colleague Jared Bendis, whose bio-writing skills awe […]

dangers vs. pitfalls

I’m in a session on digitizing newspapers at the Digital Library Federation’s Spring Forum, in which one of the presenters (Tom O’Brien of Global Business Development) has just defined the difference between dangers and pitfalls very neatly. He showed a photograph he had taken of the city of Pompeii with Vesuvius in the background. The […]

there are more things in heaven and earth

I’m deep in research and writing for the Horizon Report, and I am, as always, humbled and amazed by the sheer quantity of stuff that there is in the world, and the sheer number of other people who know a lot about any given bit of it. There are 12 topics on the Short List, […]

Campus Impact paper released

The paper Maximizing Campus Impact: Lessons from the Trenches, which I mentioned last month, was officially released today. You can read all about it (and download a copy of your own) on the NMC's news page. Enjoy :-)

Campus Impact

I’m editing this post. My husband, who does not yet keep a blog but who actively reads them, came home yesterday and said “Your post on Campus Impact might be a little vague, dahling.” (Okay, he didn’t say “dahling,” but the rest is more or less true.) His English upbringing results in a certain delicacy […]